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2024 Player Fees

Player Fees

Player fees for all Eastside High School soccer teams are $275

  • If a family household has two players, the combined fees are $375

  • If a family household has three or more players, the combined fees are $425

2024 Deadline for player fees: Friday, February 9

How To Pay

Fees are paid by check or Venmo

  • Checks should be made payable to Eastside Soccer and delivered to Coach Williams, the Head Coach for the boys team.  

    • Please be sure to note on the check the player's name.

  • Venmo payments should be made to @EastsideSoccerProgram  

    • Please make sure to note the player's name.

PLEASE NOTE: Player fees can be fully covered by collecting soccer program sponsors.

Sponsor Help

Sponsors are very important to the financial stability and success of the soccer program.  Each year, the program expends thousands of dollars to purchase equipment used in practices and games, travel,, food, and miscellaneous items.  Uniforms are a huge expense for the program, but those are purchased every other year  However the cost of uniforms is so large, it is necessary for us to budget for that expense over the course of both years. The revenue collected from sponsorships covers all of these costs and helps reduce or completely eliminate player fees.


  • Sponsors that are new to the program pay $300.

  • Sponsors that are returning to the program from last year pay $175

How Collecting Sponsors Reduces Player Fees

  • If a player collects three (3) sponsors, their player fee is 100% covered.

  • If a player collects two (2) sponsors, their player fee is 66% covered, meaning the player pays $93.50

  • If a player collects one (1) sponsor, their player fee is 33% covered, meaning the player pays $181.50


Households with multiple players should collect sponsors for each player.


Sponsorship information and the sponsor signup form can be found on the program website in the Sponsor section

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