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Helpful tips for communicating with college coaches…


  • Every college athletics program has a website

  • Research the soccer program and get the names and email of the coaches 

  • ​Do not use  "to whom it may concern"; make your email personal
  • Understand you may not get a reply; this is normal!
    • College coaches are busy and they receive a lot of email messages.  Your message will get read but it may not get a reply.
    • NCAA rules limit the times of the year coaches can contact high school players, and that includes replying to emails, replying to text messages, and replying to being tagged on social media.
    • But there are no restrictions on when high school players can send an email to a college coach.  So keep sending those email updates!


  • Write in full sentences, not in shorthand, slang, etc. and use proper punctuation

  • Tell the coach the basic minimum information about yourself:

    • Name

    • Graduation year

    • You play for Eastside High School in Covington, GA

    • If you play for a club or academy team, let them know

    • GPA/Test scores

  • Include a link to highlight or other game video

  • Don’t blast out generic emails.  Make the note personal to that school. Show them you researched their program/school and include something tailored to them.

  • Tell them something interesting about you. Be memorable. 

  • Some programs have a recruiting questionnaire on their website.  If you have already filled it out, let them know.

  • Include your cell phone number or other contact information if pertinent

  • If you are telling them about a tournament you are playing in, include important information:

    • Tournament name & location

    • Field location for your games

    • Game times

    • Your uniform color and number


Remember: Coaches are getting dozens of emails a week. Many programs are understaffed when it comes to recruiting. The most effective email is one that is tailored to that coach/school/program and provides the necessary information above. Mention the coach by name. Don’t write a novel. Communicate clearly, but concisely. Be personable and give them a reason to remember you. 


If you have social media accounts to promote your soccer (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc), you may have a coach comment on a post.

  • Write in full sentences, not in shorthand, slang, etc.

  • Use proper punctuation

  • Thank them for commenting

  • If they ask a question, answer their question


Keep your content clean.  If you post it, be prepared to talk about it with a coach.



  • Greet them with a firm handshake (even if you’re a lady)

  • Look them in the eye

  • Remember, they are people too.  You’re just having a friendly conversation.

  • They probably want to impress you as much as you want to impress them.

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