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Tips for Making a Highlight Video for Recruiting

Coaches don't care about your video editing skills.  They don't care about the transition between clips or your music selections.  They care about your abilities. 

Introduce yourself - quickly!

Be sure they know who you are and where you play.  Colleges are academic institutions and coaches will want to know your GPA.

Quickly introduce yourself. 

  • Your first and last name

  • Your position

  • You play for Eastside High School

  • Your club team (if you play for one)

  • Your graduation year

  • Your GPA

  • Example... " Hi, I am Mike Thomas.  I play for forward for Eastside High  School in Covington, GA and I also play with the Red Fire club team.  I am on schedule to graduate in 2025 with a 3.6 GPA"  

Make sure to you a text graphic on the screen with all of this information

Best Plays First

  • Coaches are busy and have short attention spans.  Your top plays should be your first plays. 

  • They generally are not interested in videos of your training. Show them video clips from competitions.

  • Don't try to make your video entertaining by including slow-motion montages or fancy transitions.

Highlight Yourself Before Each Clip

It can be tempting to save time and make your video quickly.  Don't make coaches have to figure out where you are in the play.  Doing something simple like pausing play for a second or two to draw a circle around yourself or use an arrow to point out your location can draw attention to your position and really improve the clarity of your video.

Keep It Short

Your video should be at least three minutes long and a maximum of 6 minutes.

Avoid Music

Coaches almost always watch these videos on mute.  Their focus is on your abilities.

Close With Your Player Profile and Contact Information

  • Make sure you close with the same information you opened with and make sure you include it as text on the screen too.  

  • Include your contact information in the text on the screen.

  • If you have social media accounts to promote your soccer abilities (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc), include that information on the screen.

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