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Tryouts for the 2023-2024 EHS Soccer Teams

Tryout Information

Please note: Dragonfly must be complete in order for a player to participate in any conditioning or tryout sessions!


There will be a final evaluation session held Wednesday, Jan 17.  Varsity and JV Rosters will be posted after tomorrow's session.

The following boys are invited to the final session:

Caleb Adams 
Dylan Angeles 
Evan Angeles 
Caden Blazina 
Dylan Butler 
Giovanni Candenes 
Tucker Consuegra 
Cavahn Cudjoe-Chow 
Shelley Crayon 
Evan Davis 
Jackson Dobbs 
Kevyn Enrique 
Liban Fozi 
Vincent Frederick 
Christain Gasper 


Jonathan Gomez 
Gabe Guerrero 
Hudson Harris 
Thomas Hill 
Wanderson Johnson 
Alex Jones 
Dylan Jones 
Griffin Lane 
Matthew Lynn 
Ethan Manley
Carlos Marin-Romero
Daniel Mensah 
Abraham Rangel 
Trevor Robertson 
Rene Sanchez 

Malachi Scharf
Mason Shipp 
Chandler Shurtz 
Christain Sims 
Nathan Thomas 
Abisai Velasquez 
Alexis Vieyra 
Ben Weaver


  • January 16th & 17th    3:30 - 5:30

  • Participation is mandatory in order to be considered for team selection

  • Players should have shoes that are acceptable for running on the track and they should also have soccer cleats and shin guards.

  • Any questions about the tryout for the girl's teams should be directed to Coach Johnson.


Eastside High School uses a service named Dragonfly to collect all forms and documents related to participation in athletic teams.  Every player must complete the Dragonfly requirements each year.

Website =

  1. Create an account if you do not already have one

  2. Link account to the school

    • School name = Eastside High School​

    • School code = JL3CX4

  3. All forms must be completed before the play can participate in conditioning or tryouts.​

  4. A sports physical must be submitted in Dragonfly before the play can participate in conditioning or tryouts

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